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Robert Moore Headshot

Meet Robert Moore

Binghamton, New York

My goal is to become financially independent so I am able to make my company better and help others. I have been working on my credit and know I need help to make it better and get myself a home.
– June 7th, 2021

During Financial Wellness Bootcamp, Robert worked toward bettering his credit score but was unable to increase his score.

Financial Milestones

Meeting with Branch Champion

“No matter how hard things got for him he came in with a smile and a plan”

Check-In Meeting – September 21st, 2021
Zogo Financial Literacy App Total Points: 1,000,200 Pineapples: 39,357
Financial Wellness Modules – Crash course in credit
Financial Wellness Modules – Fixing Your Credit
Financial Wellness Modules – Business Credit
Financial Wellness Modules – Business Budgeting
Financial Wellness Modules – Making a Budget
Financial Wellness Modules – Guide to Financial Wellness
Financial Wellness Modules – Business Banking
Financial Wellness Modules – Identity Theft
Financial Wellness Modules – Getting Out of Debt
Additional Financial Wellness Modules!
Meeting with Visions CEO Ty Muse – November 23rd, 2021
$2,500 Check Presentation! - March 23, 2022

What was the #1 thing you learned from Financial Wellness Bootcamp?

The more knowledge you learn from financially training, the more wisdom you earn from financially applying it.