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What is Financial Wellness Bootcamp?

It’s a unique chance for Visions members to get their personal finances in shape and have the chance to …
Win 10,000 Dollars

Some Potential Contestant Goals …

Looking to purchase your first home?

Your Emergency Savings is $0 with no growth in sight.

Looking to become debt free?

Paying off student loans?

With special assistance from Visions, they’ll have nine months to work towards accomplishing their personal financial goal and the potential to win a cool $10,000 grand prize!



Four members will be selected to participate in this program with one $10,000 grand prize contest winner. We’ll be there every step of the way, documenting your journey with photo and video that will be shared with the Visions community of followers on the web and in social media. That’s because we want to document your success from the very beginning, including when you apply now for this amazing opportunity.

What Our Contestants Can Expect …

  1. Visions’ Financial Wellness Bootcamp is a nine-month contest that begins on June 7.
  2. Each of four members will meet monthly with their “Branch Champion,” aka Financial Wellness Bootcamp Coach.
  3. Visions also expects a monthly video check-in/journal.
  4. Learn from our Financial Experts by taking some educational courses and using a really cool app.
  5. We’ll grade your progress using a points system.

Win 10,000 Dollars