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Beatriz Monterroso Headshot

Meet Beatriz Monterroso

Glen Gardner, New Jersey

My financial goal is to learn and gain awareness and how to manage money as it comes in – to understand it and value it and not be afraid of mismanaging it. My goal is to be able to save, effectively invest, and retire to a safe and stable life in the future. I would eventually like to help out charities. I want to have peace of mind when it comes to my life now and in the future!
– June 7th, 2021

During Financial Wellness Bootcamp, Beatriz increased her credit score by 5+ points and reduced her debt by over $250!

Financial Milestones

Meeting with Branch Champion

“Bea is very determined to get her finances back on track and build a successful business”

Check-In Meeting – October 4th, 2021
Zogo Financial Literacy App Total Points: 796,906 Pineapples: 46,930
Financial Wellness Modules – Guide to financial Wellness
Financial Wellness Modules – Basics of Budgeting
Financial Wellness Modules – Dealing with Financial Stress
Financial Wellness Modules – Crash course in Credit
Additional Financial Wellness Modules!
Meeting with Visions CEO Ty Muse – December 21st, 2021
$5,000 Check Presentation! - March 25, 2022

What has the Financial Wellness Bootcamp contest meant to you?

This contest has meant so much more to me than just about finances. It has meant growth on a mental, emotional, and financial side. I’ve experienced for the first time what it is like to be a part of a team that roots for your growth, genuinely. I learned accountability and responsibility with my financial behaviors. I felt supported in all levels and the empowerment and knowledge from my team with this contest has been life changing and impactful for the long term. My branch champion and financial wellness coaches are my financial and life journey angels, honestly!

What is the #1 thing you learned from Financial Wellness Bootcamp?

The number one thing I learned is that I am capable of financial freedom and that divine timing is REAL thanks to this amazing opportunity! Thank you, Visions Federal Credit Union!